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New workshops to run every Tuesday at Westenhanger Castle during the summer holidays 

Otterpool Park LLP has teamed up with Strange Cargo to run some new free craft workshops at Westenhanger Castle throughout the school summer holidays. 

Otterpool Green Stars (OGS) is a new initiative that encourages young people to think about their environment and the future. The events are the first of a series of OGS activities and will be held every Tuesday throughout the holidays, from 26 July, from 11am to 2pm. They are suitable for children aged 4 and over.  

Everyone attending will receive a Otterpool Green Stars membership card with their photo on it. There will be range of fun craft activities, including: 

  • Create your own Otterpool Green Stars superhero and give them a superpower – reducing pollution and waste, protecting plants and creatures, saving water and energy or make up your own! 
  • Make a clay pot and plant a seed to take home. 

The workshops are free to attend, but places must be booked in advance through Eventbrite – just search for ‘Westenhanger Castle’. 

Tamasin Jarrett, Otterpool Park’s Community Services and Events Manager said, “We’re excited about our first set of ‘Otterpool Green Stars’ events, which will be a great summer holiday activity for families and will enable children to learn more about the environment. Over time we are looking to create our own band of green superheroes who care about the environment and want to get involved in future positive activities through the Otterpool Green Stars events. 

“It’s part of what we stand for at Otterpool Park and recruiting younger generations to help us promote more sustainable lifestyles will hopefully have a positive impact.” 

Otterpool Park will promote a culture of sustainability and healthy lifestyles. The design of the new garden town has been led by the landscape of the area and 50% of the development will be made up of green spaces. Areas for wildlife will be protected and enhanced and new areas created to reach a 20% improvement to the biodiversity on the development.  

Minimal travel distances within the new town will help to reduce car use and make it easy to reach facilities like schools, healthcare and shops by walking and cycling. Buildings are being designed to be low carbon and energy efficient. 

Other sustainability commitments include carefully managing water use through water recycling and water-efficient fittings. Wastewater will be treated on-site and new reedbed wetlands areas created to help filter wastewater.  

Email community@otterpoolpark.org with any questions about the events. 

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