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Phase One at Otterpool Park

We’re at an exciting stage of the development of Otterpool Park, having established the masterplan, we’re now designing the first phase, which includes the town centre and the creation of a new public park.

Various community consultation events have been held to shape the plans for phase one.

"We are creating a sustainable, world-class garden community."

Gary Ridgewell, Managing Director, Otterpool Park LLP

More about Phase One

Phase one focuses on the creation of a new town centre and a new public park – Castle Park, adjacent to Westenhanger Castle. It will provide the first new homes, as well as commercial and retail spaces. Much needed services will be delivered for the first residents of Otterpool Park; the first primary school, health and community facilities and open green spaces centred around the racecourse lake for everyone to enjoy.

The town centre will connect directly to Westenhanger Station.

Framework masterplan and report published - Flexible employment is key to potential partners at Construction Expo

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