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What is Otterpool Park?

Otterpool Park is a proposed garden town near Folkestone, Kent, that will provide homes and jobs in a great location that offers the best of town, country and coast to local people and future generations.

Put forward by landowners Folkestone & Hythe District Council (previously known as Shepway District Council) and Cozumel Estates, and supported by government, the exciting plans for Otterpool Park will help meet the current and future housing need in the area, while providing an exciting opportunity to develop a garden town that promotes a happier, healthier lifestyle for its residents.

The landowners want this new community to make the most of an attractive, rural location with its great transport connections, as well as creating employment and business opportunities. In addition there will be an abundance of green space and open areas that everyone can use.

We will introduce new technologies which will help build an Otterpool Park fit for the future, and create this settlement in a way that improves access to resources and services for existing communities and is sensitive to the landscape. The new health centres and schools would be open to everyone in surrounding communities.

A masterplan for the garden town is being created and has been informed by the ideas of local residents and businesses – it is very important to us that we speak with everyone who has an interest in the proposals; the thoughts, opinions and concerns of a wide range of people have already helped shape our plans.

What’s new?


We met with the community to share our proposals for Otterpool Park in June. The exhibition content is available to view:

Otterpool Park exhibition: June 2018

What we’d like to see at Otterpool Park
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Otterpool Park will not only provide modern homes and flexible job opportunities, it will encourage wellbeing, healthy living and community spirit.


Otterpool Park will be exceptionally well connected by road, rail, sea and air.


Otterpool Park brings together the best of town, country and coast: a rural setting and green space available to all