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Otterpool Park praised in The Planner

21 March 2019

In a recent interview by journalist Laura Edgar of The Planner Magazine (11th March 2019), Fionnuala Lennon, the head of garden communities at Homes England, mentioned Otterpool Park as part of the ‘garden city revolution’.

Otterpool Park is included as one of 21 Government projects launched ‘with the aim to deliver 200,000 properties by 2050’. The project is explained to be key in ‘supporting delivery of homes, employment, local retail and community uses and generous green spaces.’

Dubbed the ‘garden city revolution’, the developments span the length and breadth of the UK, innovatively designed to not only provide housing, but also community, job opportunities and fantastic transport links. With work already underway on more than 10,000 homes, Otterpool Park is among the 40,000 homes expected to be either underway or completed by 2022.

In the interview, Otterpool Park is detailed among other garden towns to be a ‘well-designed, locally led and distinct’ garden town community and a garden town that supports integrated transport options, designed to support healthy lifestyles.

All of the garden communities in the current programme are serious about delivering great new places. Many have established bespoke design and placemaking panels as a mechanism to help steer the design agenda, for example, Otterpool Park in Kent.
Fionnuala Lennon, Homes England

Fionnuala commends Otterpool Park and other garden towns as being designed with input from the existing and future community, and businesses. With innovation at the core of the project, the garden communities have also been diligently designed to be ‘resilient in adapting to future change’.

The benefit of having projects at different stages is the shared learning available in respect of taking forward an ambitious garden community project between the local authorities involved.
Fionnuala Lennon, Homes England

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