Building a new community at Otterpool Park means giving the people living, working and visiting there all the facilities they need in their daily lives.

Our aim is to create a self-sufficient community, with a wide range of homes to suit everyone. There will be jobs for all age groups that are within easy walking, cycling and commuting distance.

We hope that communities at nearby Lympne, Barrow Hill, Sellindge, Westenhanger, Saltwood, Stanford and Postling will also benefit from access to the new community facilities provided.

The current outline planning application includes the provision of highly accessible community facilities such as education and healthcare facilities, although the exact detail of the design and precise location will be determined at a later stage.


Our plans include one primary school on-site during the first phase of the development. Working with Kent County Council, we will monitor and manage the demand for local school places and grow the number of schools across the lifespan of the project to a maximum of five primary schools.

This phased approach will help ensure school buildings are not constructed before they are needed. All primary schools at Otterpool Park will have early years education/nursery on-site or very close by.

Our research has indicated that there is capacity at local secondary schools in the Folkestone & Hythe District and the Ashford Borough Council to meet the needs of the first occupants at Otterpool Park. Our plans provide for a secondary school once the demand is there.


Health and wellbeing will be embedded within Otterpool Park and this includes providing excellent primary care facilities on site.

A state-of-the-art medical centre will provide a ‘one-stop shop’, including GPs and primary care treatment as soon as possible during the early stages of its development. Healthcare services will be delivered in a phased manner according to need. In the first three to four years, a GP could operate temporarily from another building.

The creation of these facilities on-site at Otterpool Park has been planned to reduce pressure on existing local services and will be located close to other community services, in an accessible location. Three additional smaller community sites may also include healthcare facilities.

The project team is working closely with NHS England, the South Kent Coast CCG and the Ashford CCG about the model for the health centre and the range of facilities (including dentists, diagnostic services, etc) that it will provide, over and above GP services.

More for the community

New community centres, a town square, sports pitches, a country park and wildlife areas will also be appealing community spaces. Community allotments and orchards will be available for those wanting to grow healthy food from their doorstep.