Meeting the needs of the new community at Otterpool Park will require substantial upgrades of the existing utility infrastructure including a new electrical primary substation and potable water network upgrades and provision of a fibre-to-home broadband network.


Otterpool Park’s electricity will be supplied via an upgrade at Sellindge grid substation and a new primary substation to be built on the site.

The location for this will be on land adjacent to the Otterpool Lane/A20 road junction.

Minor off-site reinforcement works will be undertaken by UKPN at Sellindge grid substation with upgrades to the existing circuitry. This upgrade will facilitate connections from Sellindge to the new on-site primary sub-station.

Depending on connection options for the new primary substation, modifications to two pylons located within the Otterpool Park site may be required. Package substations will be provided in various locations throughout the development. The actual number will be dependent on power demand as the build-out progress and will be delivered in phases.

Water and wastewater

The existing drinking water network is sufficiently sized for current demand and this has immediate additional capacity for the early phases of Otterpool Park.

Once the first 1,500 homes are built, a new water main will be constructed between Otterpool Park and Paddlesworth Reservoir. The water main will follow the same alignment as an existing water main, rather than upsizing the existing main.

Surface water will be carefully managed via a network of sustainable urban drainage features which will control surface water run-off and flooding incidence.

Three potential wastewater treatment options have been developed to manage the wastewater that is produced from Otterpool Park.


To meet the needs of today’s lifestyles, our aspiration is to provide a high speed or superfast broadband network to Otterpool Park.

Consultation with relevant providers has confirmed there is no barrier to maximum broadband speeds that could be achieved at Otterpool Park.