The Otterpool Park site is already a highly connected location – and our ambition is to make it even easier for everyone to get to wherever they need to be.

As a garden town, sustainability is important, so safe walking, cycling and public transport has been considered as well as providing for future technology including the use of electric vehicles.

Accessibility has been embedded into the design of Otterpool Park. Homes are located within short walking distance of shops, amenities and services and there will be easy access to bus and onward rail connections. As well as ‘walkable neighbourhoods’, there will be lots of new cycle routes throughout the development, which will connect up to existing routes in the local area.

A network of first-class transport infrastructure will provide a choice of routes from homes to work, shops or community facilities – choose from a quick, direct route or a more leisurely journey.  We are providing for future needs for electric vehicles and building in the flexibility for transport innovations in the future.

Creating a transport hub

Westenhanger station is right next door to Otterpool Park, with two trains per hour taking passengers between London and Dover. Our ambition is to significantly develop the station and develop a public transport hub supporting people in their daily journeys to home, work and play.

Improving road infrastructure

A range of road infrastructure improvements will minimise and manage traffic on existing roads, particularly through the villages and communities surrounding Otterpool Park. Encouraging traffic to use main routes is part of this.

Infrastructure improvements on the approach to the M20 will improve motorway access and will encourage drivers to use the M20 as an alternative to the A20.

Some other improvements are:

  • A new link road through Newingreen so that vehicles travelling from the east of the site can access the M20 without using the A20/A261 junction;
  • Upgrading the A20/A261 junction to further reduce delay to vehicles using the M20 Junction 11 route;
  • Upgrading the A20 between the junction with the A261 and the M20 Junction 11 to provide greater capacity and improve safety;
  • New direct link from Link park Industrial Estate further east onto A20;
  • Capacity enhancements at the M20 Junction 11 to accommodate the additional traffic.