Housing need

Otterpool Park is part of the government’s garden communities programme which aims to address national housing needs. This means delivering 200,000 properties across the UK by 2050. Garden town or village status means high-quality housing, large amounts of green spaces, community facilities and a distinctive identity.

In the Folkestone & Hythe District, the population is forecast to grow by 17% to 2037 and it is estimated that 12,845 new homes are needed as a result.

While our master plan accounts for up to 10,000 homes at Otterpool Park delivered over 30 years, our outline planning application is for up to 8,500 homes. These new homes will provide for a population of around 25,000 people, helping to meet local demand.

Homes for everyone

Otterpool Park will be home to people of different ages and lifestyles and a range of homes will be provided, both market and affordable. Types of homes range from apartments and starter homes to family homes, housing for older and vulnerable people and custom or self-build homes.

The mix of homes will be:

  • 5,259 homes for sale
  • 860 build to rent homes
  • 1,725 affordable homes
  • 657 extra care homes

High quality homes

High-quality homes and a good quality of life go hand in hand and we have set minimum standards for the size of homes, modern environmental standards as well as making sure homes are adaptable and fit for the future.

Our environmental standards include reduced energy consumption, water efficiencies, renewable and low carbon technologies.

Culture and creativity is part of our vision for the new community, to reflecting the area’s existing natural character and heritage. A variety of housing types will be provided, with the very best contemporary design.

Housing types will be varied in each development phase to give residents a good choice and to suit different tastes and lifestyles. There will be a range of sizes and architectural styles, which will add to Otterpool Park’s special sense of place. Every home will be delivered to the same high standard, including minimum space standards.

The Otterpool Park community will be supported by a community management organisation.