Otterpool Park is an important historic site, with Westenhanger Castle being a recognisable feature as well as the site’s former military past as an airfield during WW2. 

The Otterpool Park team has been working with heritage and archaeology experts since 2016 to identify all historic elements and incorporate them into the plans.

Trenching work at the Roman villa

A public park is being designed around Westenhanger Castle, a 16th-century manor house, and its former deer park. This will enhance its setting and enable the public to enjoy it for many years to come. Evidence of a walled garden and former causeway have also been revealed.

The discovery of previously hidden archaeological sites has also been an exciting development. Evidence exists to show activity in the area from the Mesolithic period, right through to today.

The historically significant Bronze Age barrows (burial mounds) at Barrow Hill will become part of the many open spaces that form more than 50% of the development.

Archaeological digs even revealed a previously unknown Roman Villa in the middle of the site and, while research into this important discovery continues, plans are underway to preserve this unique find within one of our open spaces.

Trenching work at the Roman villa